The Reason for a Healthy Holiday Season

12.16.22 |

The holidays are often a challenging time for anyone who wants to make healthy choices. We are assaulted with temptations from all angles – grandma who just wants you to try the pie, the coworkers who just want to share a few drinks, and that cookie table glistening with all of your favorites.

We can spend so much time worrying about what could go wrong that we might miss the real opportunity of the holidays: Habits of Healthy Relationships.

Yes, yes, it sounds cliche to say that loved ones are the reason for the season, but if we pause to reflect on how we traditionally treat holidays, you’ll likely realize that your focus is rarely on the people you get to see and connect with.

This year, I challenge you to practice mindfulness every time you sit down with someone you love. Pause and take in the moment. Truly see the person in front of you, take their words to heart, and treasure that unique point in time. These people are why you work so hard. They are what motivates you to be better and to leave the world a better place than you found it.

And that moment that you paused to absorb, you will never get another moment just like it ever again. 

We may not be able to slow the pace of the world around us, but we can slow down how we interact with that world. The more present we are with our loved ones, the more likely we are to make the healthy choices that keep us close to them for as long as possible.

Instead of being afraid of the challenges the holidays bring, look forward to making new memories.