The rise of globesity

02.18.14 |

The largest cause of illness in America is obesity

The obesity problem is a worldwide epidemic, and it really should be named Globesity, because many countries are showing rising levels of overweight individuals.

Currents statistics do show, however, that the U.S. is still one of the heaviest countries in the world.

We live in an obesegenic society, one that is likely to predispose people to become excessively fat. The development of unhealthy food technology, hectic life styles, bad habits, stress, and sleep deprivation is leading people down a path toward disease. We’re surrounded by seductively tasty, cheap, convenient, and yet highly processed food, and we can easily spend nearly an entire day slouched in a chair.

Intervention, not prevention

Current statistics show that 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, and that number is growing rapidly. The fallout of that is insulin resistance and diabetes, which leads to cardiovascular disease and, ultimately, death. I believe the answer lies in altering our daily habits, versus implementing a quick fix. It’s about intervention, not prevention.
From your vantage point, it may seem that making positive daily choices is virtually impossible. As a physician, I have seen the ravages of our unhealthy world on the human body, and I have seen the dramatic improvement when an individual makes health their priority. I’m hoping to awaken that desire inside of you to make a similar choice.

Create your health and thrive

A little over a decade ago, I made my own choice to make health a priority in my life and also in my life’s work, helping others to do the same. I made the choice because I witnessed countless patients go through unnecessary treatments. Today, I would much rather help you create health and thrive than wait until I need to place you on a ventilator, place lines in your heart, and prescribe you multiple medications just to keep you in this world.

The current reality is that there are many ailments, illnesses, and conditions that people simply don’t have to suffer from—illnesses that could have been prevented simply by making a shift in daily choices.

My longtime readers already understand this approach to health because I have talked about it in my books, in my health challenges, and most recently in the 12-Week Health Transformation. It’s a core part of my philosophy because it puts the big picture into perspective. Initially, your motivation to make a change might come from an upcoming vacation or class reunion, but when you consider the long-term consequences of Habits of Disease, the importance of your health quickly swings into focus.

Long term rewards of health

Looking better in photos is one of the smallest rewards that optimal health has to offer. Optimal health could give you the energy to keep up with your grandchildren. To take your dream trip. To enjoy a walk in the woods. To pursue your dreams and goals. To be there for the key moments in the lives of your family members.

Optimal health is the key that unlocks the rest of your life. If this is a lesson that you have already learned, share this post with someone you care about. You could be the catalyst that gives someone a new lease on life. Your life and career may not be dedicated to getting America healthy—like mine is—but you can still make a difference.

Don’t let the obesity epidemic claim you and your loved ones.