The secret to being the best in the world

02.22.18 |

Why are humans reluctant to ask for help?

The old cliché story of the man who refuses to stop and ask for directions, even if he is clearly lost, has been told and re-told, but the kernel of truth in the tale keeps it alive. Though the story is intended to be a dig at a male stereotype, the greater truth is that humans, in general, are reluctant to ask for help.

We have this sense of individualism and the belief that going it alone is admirable. We may even feel embarrassed or think less of ourselves if we have to reach out for assistance. Some of us become so stubborn about not finding the help that we end up sinking deeper and deeper into a problem, like an explorer disappearing into quicksand the more he flails.

The truth is that the best in the world of virtually any field or pursuit have coaches.

Yes, their journey to achieving their goals has a lot to do with their grit and persistence as individuals, but the presence and support of a coach help to shape this raw material into a success story.

Mike Tyson—leaving behind his character flaws for a moment—was one of the best boxers the world has ever seen. Though he was alone in the ring scoring record-setting knockouts against some of the time’s greatest boxers, Tyson had a coach. Constantine “Cus” D’Amato met Tyson when Tyson was in reform school, and D’Amato was such an important part of Tyson’s life that D’Amato adopted him when his mother passed away.

Was D’Amato’s influence on Tyson a fluke? Probably not. Three of D’Amato pupils, Tyson among them, have been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Zooming out from boxing, you can find world-class athletes in every sport seeking out expert coaches to drive their performance, but this mentality doesn’t end with boxing. CEOs have executive coaches. Salespeople have sales coaches. Religious individuals seek out the mentorship of a spiritual mentor. If you look at any successful individual—measured by any aspect of their life, not just financial or sport—you will find at least one coach behind them offering encouragement and guidance.

If the best in the world continue to seek out coaches, why are so many of us reluctant to use health coaches, especially when we’ve tried to achieve optimal health before but failed?

We stubbornly don’t want to admit that we might need help. A gas station is right up ahead, and we could pull over for directions, but we keep driving in circles instead. Meanwhile, others like us accepted the help of a coach, and they have already arrived. They are enjoying the destination while you drive and drive and drive.

Don’t wait any longer. Talk to a health coach today.