What do you want in 2022?

12.28.21 |

What do you want?

That simple question can unleash a wave of complicated answers. With 2022 around the corner, you probably have begun to look ahead at the new year and imagine what kind of life you’d like to have, thinking of all the ways you could improve on 2021 and bring more of what you desire into reality.

New Year’s Resolutions Fail

The classic New Year’s resolution trap is well known at this point. Once upon a time, I had to caution readers that New Year’s resolutions, though made with good intentions, are almost always doomed to fail. The abrupt and extreme lifestyle change that comes with most resolutions is simply unsustainable. Today, most of us half-chuckle when we mention making a resolution, which is progress in understanding that something doesn’t work, but it can also be a new kind of hopelessness. The one time a year where people used to dream of a better life for themselves is mostly a thing of the past.

That means most of us are closer to believing that we can’t change than we are to finding a better way to change.

A Better Path to Change

Although I am not sure what is most important to you personally, I’m a fellow human being, so I can guess. You probably thought about better health, great relationships with family and friends, being part of your community, having stress-free joyful days, and feeling like you have the resources and time for your spiritual and recreational fulfillment.


My goal is to help you create immense success and satisfaction in your personal and professional life. My goal is achievable because I know that yours are achievable. I’ve seen thousands of people discover that they can pick up the pen and write their own stories, bringing to life the future that they used to dream about on New Year’s Eve.

I know you can create optimal health because the system we use, and which I established, creates predictable transformation. As you write your new story, you will learn, grow, and get better. If you start with a realistic plan, complete strategies, tools, skill development, support, and a way to proceed at a pace that works for you, you can achieve your goals.

Instead of making another extreme New Year’s resolution, pick up Your LifeBook, and start building a new future one Habit of Health at a time.