Your Live LifeBook – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my video to Your Live LifeBook Workshop?

To complete the first exercise, record yourself on Facebook Live explaining your “Why?” for better health. Once you’ve published your Live video and set your sharing settings to Public (directions below), share the Live video with our Page in Messenger!

The easiest way to share your video with the Dr. Wayne Andersen Facebook page is from a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge on a laptop or desktop computer. Go to your post and click “Share” underneath it. Then click “Share in Messenger.” After that, click “Send” next to Dr. Wayne Andersen.


As an alternative, you can send us the video URL in Messenger. Here’s how to do it from a browser window on your phone, tablet, or PC:

  • Find your Live Video on your Facebook Wall and click the video.
  • Once your video is open, copy the URL at the top of the screen. Afterward, open up Messenger (you can also click here: and paste your link there.
  • Don’t forget to click “Send!”
  • Once we receive your video, we’ll send you the link to your new Facebook profile picture frame.

If you’ve never used Facebook Live before, Facebook explains how to use it in this article.

If you need help changing your privacy settings for your Live post, here’s how to make it public: Find your Live post and click the three dots in the corner. Then click on “Edit Audience” (“Edit Privacy” on mobile). Make sure you’ve clicked the circle next to “Public,” then click “Done!”


What is the Live LifeBook Workshop?

The Live LifeBook Workshop is an interactive course about the Habits of Health. Over eight weeks, Dr. A leads live mini-sessions about the Habits of Health, answers questions, suggests activities, and gives out community-based awards. All of this content is delivered via Facebook and Facebook Messenger.


Do I have to have a Facebook account to participate?

Yes. All of the content is delivered via Facebook Messenger and the Habits of Health Facebook group.


Is the Live LifeBook Workshop free?

Yes. There is no charge for joining the workshop.


Do I have to be an OPTAVIA client to participate?

No. Anyone is welcome to join the Live LifeBook Workshop.


How do I sign up?

Visit our Facebook page and send us a message that says “LIFEBOOK”. Then follow the prompts to begin.


How do I know when a session is going to start?

Dr. A will send you a Facebook message announcing when he is going live. You can join the video from your computer or your phone.


How do I complete the assigned exercise?

Record your response in your own Facebook Live video and share it with the Dr. A page. 


How do I unlock my profile photo frame?

When you share your Live video to the Dr. A page, you will receive a message with a link for the frame. Each assignment you complete unlocks a new frame!


What if I need support?

Email our team directly at and we will help!