A little motivation: how did you get here?

09.03.14 |

When did you decide to create health in your life?

asked that question on Facebook a little over a week ago, and I received some incredible responses. Today, in an effort to showcase some of those who have transformed their lives and hopefully awaken you to decide to make a change, I’d like to share a few of those stories.

As you read these, notice that a decision helped each person start on a journey, which has allowed them to live a healthier, happier life. You might be able to apply some of the same principles in your own life! Also, when you’re done reading, head over to my Facebook page and add to the conversation by sharing your own story (if you haven’t already, of course). I love reading how you got here and what tools you’ve utilized on your journey toward optimal health.

To start things off, let’s take a look at Martha and Larry Thomason’s transformation.


“Three years ago this week, we (Larry Thomason and I) were so disgusted with ourselves and sooooo ready to make a change. I had heard about Take Shape for Life from a friend a year or so earlier and didn’t believe that I could do meal replacements … but we HAD to do something. So we ordered two variety packs. They arrived on Monday and were both SOOOO ready to make a change that we started our “program” on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 … on our 36th wedding anniversary … and now … THREE YEARS later, we have lost and maintained 160 combined pounds and LOVING life! We’ve eliminated medications and CPAP machines and are so excited to be able to share this with our family, friends and everyone who is willing to make the change!”(Results not typical)

This story provides a perfect example of how a support network can facilitate your transformation. First, Martha and Larry decided to make a change. They used the system and each other for motivation and support during their current journey. If you are ready, who comes to mind that could help you achieve optimal health?

Shasta Dawn Holt-Peña’s story


In one year, Shasta lost 80 pounds and decided to become a health coach.

“One year ago, August 12, 2013, I decided to change my life! I was 33 and weighed 260 lbs!! I reached a point where I was very unhappy with myself, especially when I looked in a mirror. After being inspired by my coach Cathy Seibel, I started my journey to Optimal Health! I am proud to say I am 80 lbs. lighter and still going! I absolutely love this program and believe in it so much I became a coach myself! I want others to feel as great as I do and know that they too can do it!!”

For Shasta, a health coach made all the difference. She began her journey by deciding she was unhappy with her current self, then she got the help she needed by contacting her health coach and getting on track toward optimal health. If you, like Shasta, are looking to make a change and you’re not sure where to start, we can help you find a health coach! They’ve been where you stand, and they know what you’re feeling. They’re perfectly equipped to help guide you to change your life. All you have to do is ask.

Finally, I’d like to share a story that highlights the power of organizing your life around what matters to you.

When John and Heidi Gore found out they were going to be grandparents, they knew they had to make a change. They wanted to be there for all the special moments in their grandchild’s life, so they took the necessary steps and began their journey toward optimal health.

10570527_10203684522172285_7179436366735331876_n-1“On October 13, 2013, we received the news that we were going to be grandparents. We decided we needed to do something about our health, but put it off until March of 2014. With only 12 weeks before our grandson was going to be born we started TSFL. I wanted to look good in the pictures that get taken when a new grandmother meets her grandchild for the first time. That was all the further I thought. That was my ‘why.’ Then as the weight melted off and we started to feel better than we had in years, I changed my ‘why.’ I not only wanted to look good in his birth pictures, I wanted to look good and be healthy for his graduation pictures, his wedding pictures and beyond. We had been settling for feeling bad, and as our health declined we settled for having to take medications to manage the diseases of years of poor choices. We now have each lost over 40 lbs on TSFL, are on the path to regain our optimal health, we have greatly reduced medications we were on, have energy and have a beautiful new grandson we hope to watch grow into a fine young man. Here is our ‘Before’ and ‘During’ picture with our precious ‘Why!'”

What can you use in your life as motivation? Sometimes, as illustrated by John and Heidi’s story, it starts with something as simple as saying, “I want to look good” but then develops into something deeper and more meaningful. Find that something in your life, and use it to sustain your journey toward optimal health.