Why walk? 3 reasons to get out and start walking

09.08.14 |

Taking a daily walk can change your life.

That’s no exaggeration. The benefits of walking are many, and they are remarkable, making this activity a vital Habit of Health. I recommend walking as a first course of action for anybody looking to create health in their life, and I’ve included this activity in all of my books and online health programs.

There’s a reason for that, of course. The benefits of walking go beyond what you may realize, and today, I’d like to highlight the many positive consequences of taking a daily hike. If you’re still not sold on walking as an overall health booster, consider the following three bullets.

1. The Physical Benefit

The first (and probably the most obvious) reason to take a walk is physical. Walking strengthens your legs and your core, and it boosts your heart’s health, too! Research has shown that walking can regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Your cardio will improve, and your overall strength and fitness will follow. Walking, from a physical standpoint, is beneficial for you now and into the future, making it a perfect first step on your journey toward optimal health.

2. The Mental Benefit

The benefits of walking are not purely physical! A daily walk can also positively affect your mental health by reducing stress and improving well-being.

During your walk, you will enjoy time to relax and to reflect on your current status in life. This inward look will help calm you and help you think about what you will do next to get where you want to be. While walking, you’ll find yourself in a calm but focused state, a mindset that will then carry over into your daily life.

In addition, walking, like other forms of exercise, releases endorphins, chemicals produced by your central nervous system that have been found to improve mood and boost overall happiness. Long after you’ve finished you’re walk, you can still feel the rush of endorphins, leaving you charged and motivated to finish your day strong.

3. The Camaraderie

There are few exercises that allow you to connect with others like walking.

Take a friend or take a family member on a walk, and enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of walking alone while also building bonds and strengthening relationships with those you love. Even better, when you walk with a friend, you’ll push each other to continue, to live a healthier lifestyle and to never skip a day out on the road. They’ll become part of your support network, and you will encourage each other to live healthier, happier lives.