Congratulations to those of you who have decided that this New Year is the year that they have chosen to get healthy!  By now you should be feeling great, in control of your program, feeling your clothes getting loose!  And that is so exciting! In this month you should lose an average of 15-20 pounds, so keep up the good work!
As you continue with your program, there will be events and celebrations that pop up.  If you are prepared for these special functions, you will find it much easier to stick to your program.

  1. Call the hostess to find out what foods she will be having and volunteer to bring an appetizer or meal side dish.
  2. Remember that alcohol is loaded with calories.  Choose club soda or diet pop.  Alcohol will also let down your defenses and you will be more apt to fall for temptations.
  3. Don’t change your exercise routine the day of the party.
  4. Make the occasion a social event and focus on your friends and fun.
  5. When the party is at your house, use low calorie and fat free salad dressings for dips.  Have plenty of healthy snacks for you.
  6. Make a decision about what you are going to eat before you go.
  7. Make a decision about what you will say to those who try to push fattening food on you.
  8. Have a shake before you go to curb your appetite.
  9. Get up during half time and walk outside (weather permitting) or do some stretching.
  10. Stand away from the food table and engage in conversation.  Use a small plate to put your healthy food items on, and then walk away.
  11. Bring a shake or bar with you in case there are not good food choices at the party, especially if you will be there for 3 hours.
  12. Help the hostess! Help serve and clean up. Keep busy.

Be a Winner at Your Super Bowl Party

02.02.11 |