1. Write out your health goal and say it out loud daily and often! Make it something that really gives you energy and determination to reach it! It is often helpful if you memorize it and repeat it throughout the day.
  2. Write down all the secondary choices that you will make in order to reach your goal.  Such as drink 10 glasses of water daily, skip happy hour and instead do some healthy minded activity that will make you feel good like take a walk, play tennis or ride a bike.
  3. Restock your kitchen and get rid of all temptations. Designate a special cupboard for other family members if you must keep these tempting items around. Add good choices to your snack arsenal: celery, pickles, green beans, cucumber, bullion, sugar free jello, and sugar free pop cycles. Also cauliflower.
  4. Explain to family members how important it is for you not to be tempted and that you are calling on them for help and support
  5. Start journaling: write down everything…what you ate, how you feel. You will learn from your daily eating habits and be inspired when reading back at your successes!  TSFL has a great internet tool called Support in Motion that is a great place to keep track of your daily intake and daily efforts.  There is also a chat room, Library and much more.
  6. Plan your day:  Lay out your products, know your time schedule. Understand that you may need to eat more frequently during that week, so prepare accordingly.  Know the “do’s and don’ts” of  TSFL
  7. Measure up: Use measuring cups, spoons, and kitchen scale to know that you are eating the right amt of food. You must educate your eye to proper portion size.  My suggestion is to measure and weigh your lean and green for at least the first 2 weeks, then one week out of every month there after.
  8. Always start your day with a Medifast meal (oatmeal, cappuccino, shake) first thing in the morning. The morning meal jump starts your metabolism.  Research shows that people who eat breakfast burn 200-300 calories more per day!  My own experience has been that those clients who choose to exercise or go to work without eating first, do not lose weight very fast!
  9. Eat slowly!  Take at least 20 minutes to eat.  Use a straw to sip on your shake.  Use this time to write in your journal or read a bit of a positive or inspiring book.
  10. Distract yourself when cravings strike.  You hopefully will not be hungry between your Medifast meals, but if a craving does pop up…be prepared!  Make a list of things to do around the house (except the kitchen) that will take your mind off of your craving.  For example take a walk, clean some windows, fold clothes, wash your hair, etc.  The activity only need take about 15 minutes because a craving usually will go away by then.  Also drink a big glass of water during this activity, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you rise victorious!
  11. Take charge at restaurants. Know exactly how you will handle yourself there.  Being prepared is the best defense.  Say No to bread.  Have a shake before you go and then order two appetizers (salad and shrimp cocktail) because appetizers are much closer to the amt of food we should be eating.  If you order a full meal, ask for a take home box when the meal come and quickly place half of the dinner into the box for another day.

Take Shape for Life! Make it Easy!

01.24.11 |