Day82PostLongevity is the culmination of the many Habits of Health.

These steps will help to keep you on track to achieve your health goals, but don’t hesitate to reference previous lessons if you’re not sure how to complete a particular step.
You may find it helpful to print this email so that you can check off the changes that you’ve mastered.
Step 1: Right Now

Step 2: Create a Healthy Environment

Step 3: Get a Yearly Check-Up
Be sure to address all health issues with your physician and ask for their cooperation as you continue to adopt and strengthen your Habits of Health. Let them know that you want to create optimal health and minimize the need for medications.
Couple brushing teeth in the bathroom
Step 4: Create Optimal Oral Health

Step 5: Reach and Maintain Your Healthy Weight

Step 6: Incorporate the Habits of Health

Step 7: Attain Optimal Health
This email challenge has given you a roadmap to create and sustain optimal health for now and for always, but it’s your responsibility to progressively implement all of this material in order to enjoy the full benefit of the Habits of Health.
Get some help, have some fun, apply structural tension, proper motivation, and primary and secondary choices—and enjoy a thriving life. But give it time! This isn’t a sprint but rather an amazing journey to uncover your healthy, vibrant self, and I can see that self already beginning to manifest.
In health,

Day 82: Dr. A’s Longevity Plan

02.17.13 |