The goal here is to clear your mind of all thoughts – to turn off the mental merry-go-round that’s feeding your brain and body with tension and creating a negative mental state.

Step 1: Set aside 10 to 20 minutes. Good choices might be in the morning before breakfast or just before your evening meal.
Step 2: Find a cozy spot—a quiet, serene place where you can be alone with your thoughts without interruption. Make sure to turn off any electronic communication devices. Silence is the overriding principle.
health clubStep 3: Sit up straight on the floor, in a comfortable, relaxed position with your legs crossed (alternatively, you may sit in a chair with your feet flat if sitting on the floor is difficult or uncomfortable for you). Place your hands together in your lap, with your right hand resting in your left, palms up. Begin taking slow breaths using your abdominals.
Step 4: Close your eyes and let any tension release. Imagine that stress is seeping out of every pore in your skin. Starting with your feet, relax your muscles all the way to the top of your head.
Step 5: Now let’s turn off the internal dialog in your brain and stop the thought process. Slowly repeat a word or phrase that you find calming, such as low, quiet, peace, or a spiritual word that creates a serene state. Don’t let other thoughts, such as memories or events, enter your brain.
Just keep repeating that one word or phrase silently. If thoughts come to you—which will happen until you perfect the technique and it becomes a Habit of Health—just repeat the word relax, take a deep breath, and let the thought go as you exhale.
Step 6: Once you’ve continued your internal chant for the length of time you’ve selected (long enough to reach a state of relaxation and calm), sit quietly for a minute or two. As you come back to your normal state, merge with the calmness of the meditative state and take one last deep inhalation. Hold your breath for about 15 seconds, exhale, and relax.
You’ve just created a new state of composure and control. If you like, you can do this exercise every day, but you should try to do it at least two or three times a week. It’s a nice way to start or end your day.
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Day 86: Simple Relaxation Meditation

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