Give the gift of health: share the optimal health community

12.10.13 |

The season of giving is upon us

Friends and families will exchange gifts, share meals, and swap stories. It’s a special time of year that has a way of bringing people together.

Life is precious. If you could spend more time with the people that you love, wouldn’t you?

By introducing the people you care about to the optimal health community, you can bring them closer to living a longer, healthier life. They will have more time to share with their loved ones and the energy and vitality to stay happy and active. The gift of health is a gift that gives for a lifetime.

Introduce your friends and family to the Optimal Health Community

Here are 4 ways that you can introduce your friends and family to the Optimal Health Community:

  1. Send them a personal note, email, or message describing what optimal health means to you and how it has changed your life. Then invite them to like our Facebook page and to engage with the content.
  2. Post an open invitation for your friends and fans to join the communityon your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, and your Google+ page.
  3. Share your favorite articles, tips, and inspirational messages from the community to your social media platforms a few times a week. Leading by example is incredibly powerful.
  4. Enroll in my upcoming challenge and invite your friends and family to do the same. In the next few weeks, I will announce a new challenge that will accelerate your ability to create and share health. By working together, we can introduce America to a new perspective on health. Stay tuned for additional details.

Thank you for being a part of the optimal health movement. Together, we can give the gift of health to thousands of people!