Health and Happiness

01.06.14 |

Health and happiness are intertwined.

For example, I love my children, my wife, my work, and sailing. To have the time to spend with my family, to have the passion to pursue my dreams and goals, and to have the ability to scramble about a sailboat, I rely on health. Without health, our ability to enjoy our lives is stunted, especially if we are plagued by disease and struggle with even the most basic of physical activities.

If you don’t have health, it’s difficult to have happiness.

I have dedicated my life to making Optimal Health accessible to regular, everyday people. I’ve written books, I’ve spoken on television shows and radio programs, and I’ve personally mentored individuals through the process of eliminating Habits of Disease and creating Habits of Health, but I always look for ways to do more, to reach more people.

Thanks to my friends at Take Shape For Life, I’ve found a way to do just that. The 12-Week Health Transformation combines the content of my books with the unique power of Health Coaches. When a participant enrolls in the Transformation, they are automatically assigned a complimentary Health Coach, who serves as a mentor and guide as the program unfolds.

The community that Take Shape For Life has created—of caring individuals passionate about helping others—has helped thousands of people discover a lifetime of health. They provide the support, encouragement, and expertise that many people need to make a lasting health change. And with each successful transformation, this idea of paying it forward through health inspires others to share Optimal Health with the people that they love, creating a growing movement of people that believe what I believe: Everyone deserves a chance to have health and happiness.

I am excited to see people who may have never thought that they could lose weight discover that they can be healthy, and I am excited to see the community grow as those individuals, inspired by their own transformation, share the 12-Week Health

Transformation with others

I’d like to thank Take Shape For Life for playing a pivotal role in making the vision of the 12-Week Health Transformation a reality. I’d like to thank our Health Coaches for committing themselves to helping others create health. And I’d like to thank you, yes you, for participating. Whether you are transforming your own life or helping someone else transform theirs, you are a part of something special, and you are making a difference by helping to spread health and happiness.