Live heart healthy all year long!

02.10.14 |

February starts off with a bang

Now that SuperBowl Sunday has come and gone we have Valentine’s Day and I see candy everywhere!

Walk into your local supermarket or Drugstore and its right there in the front of the store. The marketing department has placed it there so you can either get it now or think about it the entire time you shop.

February is also American Heart month. I looked at the American Heart Association’s website and I have to be honest, I looked for a link on how Valentine’s Day candy was heart healthy and surprise, there isn’t any!

I love having our Stop Challenge Choose 12 week Transformation! It has everything we need to support us and keep us heart healthy over the next 12 weeks and more!  We can all Stop and Challenge our way right past the candy in any store because we choose to get foods that are heart healthy!

It’s Not Your Fault (HOH pg 1-3)

Our bodies are designed to store and conserve fat and calories for times of famine. That worked 10, 000 years ago BFF-Before Fast Food and supermarkets were around.  This has created a conflict of 2 opposing desires

  • The desire to eat healthy as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • The desire to satisfy your instincts
  • Stop Challenge Choose 12 Week Transformation Promotes Heart Health

When we are on the 5&1 we are eating low glycemic, low fat meals every 2-3 hours. Our blood sugar is stable and we are not swayed by food cravings!

Tips to help you

Here are some heart healthy tips that will prepare you to shop and more so you can have the sweetest Valentine’s Day Ever!

  • Read your daily tip from Dr.Andersen. What a great way to start the day!
  • Before you step foot in the Supermarket, Stop- are you hungry? Challenge “is it a good idea to go food shopping on an empty stomach”? Choose to eat first… I always have a few Medifast meals in my car or purse to prevent this from happening.
  • Stop, did you remember to take your shopping list? Challenge “I was in and out of the store in no time” Choosing to create and use a weekly shopping list will save you time and money. It keeps you away from the things that are not heart healthy. Pg 95 HOH
  • Stop, is the Protein you’re looking at a heart healthy choice? Challenge “this steak looks so good but we haven’t had any fish this week”. Choose- “The Salmon is on sale today-I’ll get it right now”. Just one serving of fish a week can reduce your risk for a fatal heart attack by 40%.    Pg.  101, HOH
  • Stop –are you weighing your protein cooked before you eat it? Challenge “I was hungry the last few days and I have not been weighing my protein after I cook it. My health coach reminded me it could be why I’m hungry and not losing weight. Choose:  weigh your protein cooked.  Have 5-7 oz depending on the type . Remember, your heart is a muscle too!  Eating the right amount of protein keeps it strong.
  • Stop, are the vegetables you’re buying   part of the 5&1 (see Quick start Guide) Challenge- “I bought Brussel sprouts last week and when I talked to my health coach she explained that they are not on the 5&1. I bet that’ why the scale did not move this week! Choose – “let me look at my grocery list to decide what I want” Program vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber; they are an important part of your health healthy program. Pg 98, HOH. Remember to have all 3 servings daily while on the 5&1.
  • Stop, are you looking at Healthy Fat Options. Challenge “I wrote down what fats we are running low on” Choose- “we need some Olive oil and almonds for my snacks” monounsaturated fat such as fatty cold water fish(salmon), Olive oil, Nuts (almonds especially) Pg 112 HOH will support  heart health by  it lowering Triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol(the bad stuff) without lowering HDL cholesterol(the good stuff).
  • Stop “Did you get in your activity today”? Challenge: “It’s almost time for me to start dinner; maybe I can skip it today”? Choose: “I always feel less stressed and sleep better after I walk for 40 minutes. Dinner can be a little late tonight” Walking is heart healthy. It helps build up the smaller capillaries around the heart, and reduces stress.
  • Stop Did you get enough sleep last night? Challenge; “Do I really want to watch the next episode of my favorite show tonight?  Choose it’s recorded so I can watch it tomorrow when I walk on the treadmill”.
    Did you know that Lack of sleep is worse for women? A large study of female nurses found that women who sleep only 5 hrs or less a night are 45% more likely to have heart problems Pg 212 HOH.
  • Stop. What did you do today to reduce the stress in your life? Challenge: I know I signed up for a Yoga class today but I don’t feel like going. Choose: I did feel calmer after it was over, I’m going”!
  • Stop. Are you spending too much alone time? Challenge: I haven’t seen the girls for a few days.  Choose: So glad I’m meeting them for our weekly book club”.
    It’s been proven that people who are part of a social network are healthier, more fulfilled and just plain happier. Pg.273 HOH

So there you have it.