Your journey and your guides

01.28.14 |

The Take Shape For Life approach relies on a very special kind of relationship

For me, coming from a medical perspective, this is especially true.

I don’t use prescriptions or warnings or fear tactics, and neither does the 12-Week Health Transformation. Instead, the entire experience is built to feel like a journey taken with a guide.

Your guidebook

The 12-Week Health Transformation is like your guidebook. It lays out your path and gives you all of the details and insights that you need to plan a successful trip. Your health coach, which you can request via the transformation sign-up, acts as your in-person guide. A compassionate fellow traveler who has come before you and walk this path before themselves and with many others are now creating a healthier new world They give you the personal touch that a guidebook cannot.

Changing lifelong habits takes effort and can be stressful at times, especially in the beginning. Just remember that this approach—my content and the health coach that becomes your guide—is not just the product of medical research or my career as a physician. It was forged through real-life experience—from the experiences of thousands of people that myself and Take Shape For Life have helped to reach a healthy weight and make living a healthy life a priority in this unhealthy world

I’ve fought alongside my coaches and the people I have coached as they worked to create health. I’ve joined them in celebrating their successes. And with each and every one, I have learned what works and what doesn’t, what’s easy and what’s hard.

The 12-Week Health Transformation is the culmination of those experiences.

If you look at the Path to Optimal Health graphic that I’ve provided here, you’ll notice that reaching your healthy weight is just the second stage in a five-stage journey. For those that are new to the Habits of Health or to Take Shape For Life, this may come as a shock. Creating health is not only about losing weight, which is why the special relationship that you develop with your health coach and with the material is so important.
A health coach is not the sort of guide that ferries you from point A to point B and then wishes you well as he or she waves goodbye. Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning, because we’ve learned from many experiences that having the knowledge and empathetic support of a coach is important as you are working on reaching a healthy weight. In fact your coach will not only help you reach your desired weight loss goals but will use your  progressive success to help generate momentum  as you reach for the lofty goal of optimal health!

The 12-Week Health Transformation, along with your coach, will set you up to reach your short-term weight goal and teach you how to build the habits that lead to a lifetime of optimal health. And we’ll always be there for you. Your guidebook—whether in the form of the 12-Week Health Transformation or my bestsellers—is there to help you. Your coach is there to help you. And the optimal health community, spread between my social media and the Take Shape For Life social media, is there to help you.

Relationships are the core of our approach because they can be so incredibly powerful. You are not alone on your journey, and with your coach and our community by your side, you never will be. We’re not handing you a bottle of pills and pushing you out the door. We’re walking alongside you as you take step after step toward a healthier you.
It’s a walk that can create a lifetime gf optimal health!