Taking Your Habits of Health Outside

06.25.21 |

Warmer days are finally here, and after several cycles of lockdowns, this summer might feel like your biggest opportunity to go on adventures and make new memories with the people you love.

And you’re right! The Habits of Health open so many doors in our lives, and sunny weather is a great way to strengthen our health and savor the moment at the same time. If you don’t already have a favorite outdoor hobby or are perhaps looking to try something new, here are some ideas:

  • Walk or Hike — From a relaxing stroll around the block to a journey through a State Park, you can get your steps in while enjoying great scenery and fresh air.
  • Bike — With trails and bike paths becoming more common, biking can be a one-day experience or a new hobby that you come back to again and again.
  • Kayak or Paddleboard — Find a rental program in your area to go paddling or get your own gear to explore the waterways near you.
  • Yoga or Tai Chi — Find an outdoor class to get a unique experience on top of your workout.
  • Golf — If you walk the course, your golf habit can be a fun way to get in your steps while building friendships.
  • Read — You might not be burning calories, but taking your reading habit outside is a great way to relax while getting the benefits of the sun.

When you take your Habits of Health outside, don’t forget to bring your outdoor habits with you as well:

  • Wear sunscreen — Guard against harmful rays with sunscreen that’s SPF 30. Don’t forget your face, and don’t forget to reapply after getting wet or as recommended by the bottle!
  • Hydrate — Habits of Healthy Hydration are always important, but warm weather mixed with activity make them especially crucial. Drink up!
  • Mind the heat — Extreme heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to heat stroke or other complications. Listen to your body, and periodically retreat to shade or cooler areas.
  • Look out for ticks and mosquitoes — These nasty pests can carry disease, so read up on what’s in your area and take the necessary precautions, which might mean wearing pants on a hike or checking around your home for standing water where mosquitoes might lay eggs.
  • Plan for your activity — If your outdoor adventure takes you to remote areas, tell someone your plans ahead of time, be on the lookout for bad weather, and talk with an expert about what you might need to pack or bring with you.
  • Start small — If you are picking up a new hobby, ease your way in. If you are trying hiking, for example, start with a few hours on a relatively flat trail before trying longer, more difficult hikes.

What are your plans for a healthy summer? Share your plans!