Here is a Thanksgiving Day Success Tip, for those of you who are currently on the 5 & 1 Plan:  Stay on your program as close as you can.  Drink a shake 1 hour before your meal.  Some of you will want to follow your 5 and 1 completely… Congratulations for your desire and commitment.  Some of you will feel deprived if you do not get to taste a little of your favorite foods.  In this case, this is our suggestion… In addition to your lean meal…protein, salad and vegetables…use The One Tablespoon Rule:  Choose 3 things that are you would like to taste.  Limit yourself to one tablespoon of each of those things.  Then, ‘savor the flavor’ by eating very slowly!  Drink a sip of water between each bite.  You can do this…..I have all the confidence in the world in you!  Eat slowly…and enjoy the conversation!
If you are on maintenance….use your best judgment!  Drink a shake 1 hour before your meal, and you will be less tempted to overeat!  Eat slowly…and enjoy the conversation!
Here’s wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving!  We all have so much to be thankful for…..COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AND HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!!!
Dr. A. and Lori

Think Lean! Wishing you 'Success' in your Healthy Goals during the Holiday Season!

11.23.10 |