Two Letters from the Habits of Health Community

09.24.21 |

This week, we rolled out a small community challenge: write a letter to your past-self sharing advice and words of wisdom that you know now but wish you knew then. My hope is that this exercise helps you to see how much you have learned and how much you have accomplished while also kickstarting your journaling habit.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, you can still join us! You can read the full details on the event page.

In the few days that have passed since we opened submissions, letters have been pouring in. They’re moving. They are heartfelt. And they are small glimpses of what are clearly big, incredible stories that are growing with each day and with each choice.

I plan to share several of these letters over the next several days, but here are two early entries that caught my eye.

From Connie:

Dear Connie,

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for taking control of your weight. I would not be here, much less living a full life if you had not helped us. It has been almost 11 years since you gave yourself the chance for a healthier and longer life. Three years ago I had emergency surgery after becoming Sepsis with a stone in my bile duct. My Optavia family was there for me, just like my family, surrounding us with so much love and prayers. Because of our healthy lifestyle, we had a full recovery and resumed our life.

Then last year, April 2020, we had an Ischemic Stroke. We lost use of my right side, my speech and the life we loved. Thank God for family, good friends and the constant presence of our Optavia family. Because of having a growth mindset, we learned all we could about Strokes. I have been told often that we are a miracle. I’m sure we are because I had so many prayers, but we had a grateful mindset and you understood that you get what you work for. Because you have learned so much over the years, I was prepared for the obstacles that have come and will come to me.

Connie, I am eternally grateful you lost the weight, you embrace nutrition and have applied all the Habits of Heath, but it was your healthy mind set and healthier lifestyle that has brought us through this.

From Laura:

Hey there!

I know you! I see you! Here’s the truth! Life is tough… you are tougher! You may not believe it but you will be just fine! Those around you will depend on your positive outlook and great advice! You will doubt yourself…. But rest assured… you will do great things!

Put the bag of chips down! Seriously!!! You don’t need them! You will think you do! You don’t! Here’s a thought, lead by example.

You can do this! Look in the mirror… I’m here to help!

Love, me ❤️

Hearing the stories and triumphs from our community is always energizing for me, so I hope that when you read stories like Connie’s and Laura’s you see a little bit of yourself in their words. They are openly sharing their momentum. Grab on to that energy and join them in creating optimal wellbeing!

If you haven’t submitted your letter yet, you can enter here. Remember, your letter is completely private unless you give us your permission to share.