Unlock More Non-Scale Victories with Your LifeBook

01.15.21 |

If you are new to the Habits of Health Community, you may see members celebrating “NSVs.” This is shorthand for “non-scale victories,” which is the idea that as you progress on your journey to optimal wellbeing you will experience rewards and triumphs that are not directly tied to the number you see on the scale.

Reaching a healthy weight is still important, of course, but optimal wellbeing is about so much more. Optimal wellbeing can impact how we process difficult situations, how we feel when we put on a pair of pants, how much energy we have when we play with our kids and grandkids, and what hobbies we can explore and enjoy. While all of these can be tied to your healthy weight to some degree, they may not be as visible. 

And that’s why we try to bring attention to them. When you can see the NSVs in your life, your progress and the fruits of your efforts are much more clear. It’s rewarding. It’s energizing.

Indicators of progress are powerful, so let’s use the Habits of Health Transformational System to help you see the bigger picture of how much you’re changing on this journey.

Here’s something to try over the weekend with Your LifeBook:

  • Re-read your previous entries and reflect. Are you surprised by any of your answers? Are your feelings, thoughts, and perspectives different now? What can you learn by comparing your present self to your past self?
  • Answer questions again with your new perspective. We often ask clients to re-take our health assessment when they are deeper into their journeys. The new score can reveal how far a client has really come, and you can do something similar with Your Lifebook. If you reanswer questions about your goals, your habits, and how you approach choices in your life, you might discover that your current answers are very different from what you wrote down originally.
  • Celebrate, but also plan. Your journey is still ongoing, so don’t get frustrated or discouraged if you see that some parts of your life haven’t changed yet. You’re still working at it! If you see something that really sticks out to you, talk to your coach about what you can do to address it. Sometimes an obstacle is invisible to us until we take the time to reflect, and just having that clearer picture into your own self is a victory.

If you haven’t started a journal, this is a great time to start as I suspect you might start running out of room in Your LifeBook soon. As you journal, don’t be afraid to come back to Your Lifebook for prompts and questions that tie into your thoughts for the day.

As you work to build Habits of Health, your journey will unlock hundreds of NSVs, and you’ll start to see that these NSVs are a natural part of a healthy life. The secret is taking the time to notice and appreciate them.