For those of you who have been on the program for at least 3 weeks, then you are ready to add exercise into your program. For those of you who are just in your first weeks of the program…Congratulations!!  You are ready to learn about the NEAT System Non-Exercise Activity Thermogeniesis) found in Chapter 14 and 15 in the book. This is the daily, non-exercise activities you can add to burn more calories. If you have been on the program for over 3 weeks then you are ready to incorporate EAT systems of motion into your daily lives which is planned exercise such as walking, tennis, riding a bike. This information can be found in Dr. A’s Habits of Health and in the companion Guide “Living a Longer Healthier Life” These books have made a difference in my life and in so many peoples’ lives.   In Chapter 16, Dr. Andersen states that 30 minutes a day of moderate activity for a lifetime of healthy and longevity. Not a bad price to pay!   Did you know that walking and running are the quickest ways to blast up to 25% more calories boost your energy instantly and sculpt lean muscles?  You don’t need to invest a lot of money to walk, other than a good pair of walking or running shoes.  You can do it any time, as often as you like! Walking will help you continue to lose weight and feel great! How can you get the most out of your walk?  Follow these helpful tips….

  1. Watch your Stride.  Lean into each stride will increase momentum and will help you go faster.  How far you lean will depend on you and the pace you want.  If you are walking you will hinge forward from the hips.  If you are running, the lean starts with your ankles.  Lean during your whole walking experience.  It should feel almost as if you will fall forward if you don’t take another step.
  2. Use a Pedometer.  They can be purchased for 10-30 dollars but are worth their weight in gold!  Wear it all day!
  3. Tighten your Abdominal.  You want to be aware of your “core” or center, so remember to keep your abs tight throughout your walk or run.
  4. Flex your Toes. You will recruit more leg muscles and propel yourself to go faster if you pull your toes up.
  5. Bend your Elbows.  By bending your elbows 90 degrees and keeping them close to your body while swinging from your shoulders, you will move faster.
  6. Push Yourself.  Challenge yourself to walk at a fast clip.  You should huff and puff but be able to carry on a conversation.  It’s OK to be a little breathless as you talk.
  7. Add Music.  Have your I-Pod join you on your walk/run.  Rev up your performance by adding fast paced, up beat tunes!  It could also help to reduce stress as you run.  Check out the top 100 Workout songs at
  8. Choose Hills over Flats.  You can increase the amount of calories burned by choosing a walk with some incline in it.  This will also strengthen your butt and leg muscles.  When walking on an incline remember to lean forward and shorten your steps and pump your arms.
  9. Add Weight.  You could hold low weight dumbbells, wear ankle weights or a weighted vest.  This will increase calories burned for time spent exercising.  Remember to start out slow and low to reduce injury.
  10. Take a Hike!  Walking in the woods will burn about 500 calories/hour.  If you carry a backpack, it will be even more!

Essentials for Your Walk

Before You Begin…

As your exercise length and intensity increases, so must your calories.  On days that you work out hard and long (more than 45 minutes of moderate exercise), add an extra 3 ounces of lean protein or an extra Medifast product to your day.

Walk for Fitness

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