Why Meatless?
Going meatless once a week has a variety of health benefits, such as:

Why Monday?
Social Significance: While we certainly all know about having “a case of the Mondays” or the “Monday blues,” there is also a desire to restart our week positively.  Many of us reframe our mindset on Mondays as on opportunity for a fresh start or a day to “get it together, “especially if we had a hectic or perhaps an off-Plan weekend.
Health Promotion: Studies have shown an increase in secondary care referrals on Monday related to heart problems, occupational injuries, strokes, suicides, etc.  These are likely caused by stress, unhealthy weekend behaviors and disruption of sleep cycles.  Health promotions, such as Meatless Mondays, which foster a positive transition to a structured routine, can have the potential to improve these health conditions and reduce secondary referrals.
Monday=Health Day:  People are more likely to start diets, exercise routines, start smoking cessation, schedule doctor’s appointments on Mondays than other day of the week.  A health promotion that reinforces this tendency can help people adhere to their health goals.
Cyber Monday:  Internet searches for health related information is highest on Mondays.  Searches include: “healthy recipes,” “healthy children,” “weight loss” etc.
Sample Meatless Lean & Green Meals:


Meatless Mmm Mondays!

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