Whenever you have a Family get together coming up, it may cause you some stress and concern while you are on your program.
No need to stress, follow these helpful tips to make your visit a healthy and fun one.

  1. The best defense is a great offense!  Be prepared and have a plan.  Think ahead for all possible situations that you may be placed in, and make sure that you have your meal replacements with you.
  2. Don’t leave your meal replacements at home.  During a trip, it may not always be possible to continue the five and one.  It may be easier for you to do a maintenance type program…3 medifast products around a healthy lunch and dinner.
  3. Have fun celebrating without gaining.  Again… utilize as many Medifast meal replacements as you can and make healthy choices throughout the day.
  4. Get the support of your family and friends.  If you are going to an event with many people that you haven’t seen for awhile…you are going to dazzle them with your great success and new healthy look!!  Ask them to help you stay on course, and you may even get some of your friends and family to join you!!  Don’t forget that TSFL give you a referral fee!
  5. Keep a positive attitude and remember that your goal is not only to lose weight but to gain health. Your continued positive self-talk will empower you to successfully get through the holiday/gathering.  Fattening unhealthy foods are going to keep you from reaching your goal so be strong and stay away!
  6. Take advantage of the festive feelings and get some extra exercise in!  Take a walk or bike ride.  Walk the mall if it is too cold or visit a nearby gym as a guest. Activities will boost your mood and cut your appetite.
  7. Have a Cup of coffee after dinner instead of desert. Wait an hour or two and have a pudding or crunch bar for desert.  Help out in the kitchen after dinner. This will burn some calories walking back and forth to table and kitchen, it also gives help to the hostess (if not you) and the kitchen conversations are sometimes the best.
  8. Bring healthy foods that you and others will enjoy.
  9. Remember that travel, stress, change in time zones, and change from your normal activity may cause your weight loss to slow down.  Do not get discouraged if you do not lose weight during this time.  Rejoice that you did not gain weight!
  10. Don’t be concerned if your weight loss slows down this week.  When you interrupt your normal day, sleep less, stress out, or do not have time to exercise…then you are setting yourself up to have a slower weight loss. So, relax and enjoy your time with family!

Family Get Together

04.22.11 |