Starts today, April 18 and ends on April 26th
Regarding Passover and Kosher, while we (Medifast) have foods that are labeled as Kosher, we do not have any products that will be labeled Kosher for Passover.  Many of the traditional foods consumed during Passover (matzo, matzo balls, wine, charosis , etc) are high in carbohydrate and not appropriate on plan as well.  If a client is very religious and needs all foods consumed to be labeled Kosher for Passover, we are not able to meet that need.   The rabbi stated the Medifast Plus for Diabetes shakes do not contain any oat flour as the other shakes do, so by their ingredient list, they may be used but the label will not reflect that they are kosher for Passover. They could be used during this time if the client is aware they will not be labeled Kosher for Passover.  For some individuals it may be a time to take a brief break from plan and come back to it at the end of the holiday.
So, How do you cope?  Well, you must be very creative. My suggestion for those clients who, because of religious beliefs and practices, cannot eat the Medifast foods during Passover, then you must plan ahead for success. Substitute 3 lean and green meals, split up to make 6 meals a day in place of your regular 5 and 1.  Continue to stay away from the high carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, wine, and fruit. If you must eat Matzo, then there is a Whole wheat matzo ball soup mix that is lower in carbs, and only take the smallest amount that you can. Remember that this food could knock you out off fat burn, so if you can go without please do.
Some ideas for meals could be egg white omelets or egg white egg salad.There is a Kosher brand egg whites called Papetty.  Another idea is to take mini peppers and stuffing them with kosher seasoned ground beef or chicken. Stacy Hawkins, the queen of Lean and Green, has many u-tube videos of Lean and Green recipes that many can be made using kosher spices.  An example could be the Broccoli mustard chicken dish that can be made with a kosher mustard substitute.
Deserts are going to be a challenge during this holiday and it is best to just say “No” or opt in for something sugar free, fat free, and low calorie. Remember it is not forever, you know how all that delicious food tastes…You’ve had it all your life and you will eat it once again. But right now, you are choosing great health in your life and you have decided that nothing is more important than that.
And a note to our dedicated Health Coaches… Please check in often, possibly daily with your clients who are observing Passover. Offer your support and guidance.

Passover – Kosher Holidays

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