For all of you out there listening tonight, there will be a percentage, can’t say exactly how much, but there are some of you that may reach a slump or bump in your weight loss plan.  Whether it is due to a slowing of your weight loss, a taste fatigue or rowdy friends or family members that just won’t let you be your new self and are constantly sabotaging your efforts, whatever the reason…you are there in a big slump and you want to get out and get on with this new life you’ve gotten a taste of.
So, how to move on?
1)    Be in touch with your health coach.  Chances are that he or she has experienced the same thing you are right now.  They have been trained to help you get over your obstacles and reach your goals, so depend on them!
2)    Make sure that you are following the protocol properly for your program. Look over all literature and “Do’s and Don’ts”
3)    Find a close buddy, best friend or spouse someone who is there for you to give you that needed support, maybe even join you on the program.
4)    Make some big changes in your extra activities, Add variety… If you normally go to the gym every day to work the machines, join a pilates class or bicycling class instead. Or walk the dog, walk or run with your spouse or neighbor.  Just change the routine you are doing
5)    MOST importantly… if you are past the three week rule and NOT exercising yet, make this a top priority.  It is not the intensity but the regularity that matters. Effective and consistent exercise will not only improve your overall health and fitness, but it will also improve your appearance as it helps those pounds to melt away! Exercise will also increase your energy level, social interactions, confidence, self-esteem, and relief from depression, anxiety and stress.
6)    Set Short term goals as stepping stones to your ultimate (long term) goals.  Make these goals measureable (ie “I want to be fit” vs. “I want to run for 20 minutes”)
7)    Always have a plan for EVERY day!! Before you retire or before you begin your day, have it mapped out as to activities, packets, water, snacks, etc… in other words…be prepared!!
8)    Read positive books! Talk to positive people! Look back over your journal and get excited about your accomplishment so far.

In A Slump? Get Motivated!!!!

06.14.11 |