I’m sure many of you are dreaming of sand beneath your toes… fishing on the lake or wherever your well-deserved summer vacation may take you.  It is important during those days of relaxation that you don’t forget your goal… achieving optimal health! To help keep you on track, I have some healthy travel tips… these will help your vacation be even better!  Have a wonderful summer and summer vacation… wherever that may be!
Plan Ahead For Success
1. Before your trip, make sure you will have enough meal replacements while on your trip.  You may want to mail them ahead to your destination to cut back on luggage.
2. Find out if the hotel room will have a coffee maker, refrigerator, or microwave.  This may decide which products you choose to bring.
3. Ask the hotel if they have a gym or pool and bring appropriate clothes to get some exercise. (No excuses!)J
Travel Day
1. Make sure to pack enough products for your travel day and always bring an extra in case of layover.
2. Remember that the Ready to Drink will not make it through security (liquid).
3. You can mix shake in a water bottle. Just drink some water off the top before pouring the shake mix in.
4. A Medifast bar is a great snack for the plane.
5. You can bring oatmeal, chicken noodle soup or creamy soups to mix with hot water. Also make muffins or cookies with the oatmeal.
6. Remember to bring you shaker jar!
7. Drink lots of water. Air travel is dehydrating!
On Your Trip
1. Always start your day with a Medifast product! (Save money on breakfast!)
2. be aware of your schedule and do not miss a meal!
3. Have a shake before going out for dinner.  This will keep you from getting hungry while waiting for your meal.
4. Order a salad and appetizer for you main meal.  It will probably be the proper portion.
5. Remember that alcohol will let down your defenses and is full of empty calories and carbs! It is best to choose club soda or a diet drink.
6. Make healthy choices.  Some days you may have to have both lunch and dinner out, so make the best of it and choose wisely.
7. Don’t worry about losing weight; sometimes the stress of traveling will slow your weight loss. The main objective is not to gain weight!
8. Remember to bring your journal.
9. Have a Great time!

Travel Tips to Remember!

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