1. Eat one PCMR, portion controlled meal replacements, every three hours. Don’t skip meals even if you’re not hungry.  It’s absolutely critical to fuel as scheduled- in fact, your weight loss may be slower if you don’t.
  2. Get some extra rest. You may feel a little tired during the first three days as your body switches on its fat-burning mechanism and gears up to use its stores of fat.
  3. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.
  4. Eat Slowly.
  5. Stay busy and avoid sights and smells that remind you of food, especially during the first few days. Soon enough, your own energy stores will kick in and you’ll feel more in control.
  6. Use your support system. If you have a coach, call them.
  7. Limit caffeine to no more than three servings a day. You may find that your body is more sensitive to the effects of caffeine, making this a great time to cut back on your daily consumption.
  8. Avoid alcohol. It causes dehydration, throws you out of the fat-burning state you’ve worked so hard to achieve, and It’s a powerful appetite stimulant.
  9. If you slip up, just get right back on track. But remember, it will take about two to three days after a slip-up to get back into a fat-burning state.
  10. Keep a journal. This is a great way to monitor your progress and help you focus.
  11. Avoid exercise for the first three weeks. Or, if you do choose to exercise reduce your usual amount by half. No huffing, puffing, or sweating.

Secrets to Success

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